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creating abundance: something from nothing

When I hear the word Thanksgiving, I think of a table. I think of place settings, centerpieces, chairs crammed in tight.

I think of the clatter of noise, clinking of silverware and glasses, voices overlapping in laughter and tension and remarks of “oh, this is SO GOOD.”

I think of full bellies, elbows on tables, empty glasses and remnants of food being picked off serving plates.

I think of settled-into conversation, leaning back on chair legs, fidgeting with centerpiece decorations, folding and re-folding napkins while the discussion takes a more interesting turn. {continued}


Monday Manifesto: for our girls

You, her mother, grandmother, aunt, sister, or algebra tutor can teach her voice how strong it can be. You can teach it to sing her praises and wrap her in warmth and dry her tears and to get really good at saying, “Go get ‘em, tiger!” {continued}

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Authencity is a hot word right now.  It’s hip and trendy and …hard to become.  Follow along as we explore transparency, and it’s correct place in our world and lives.