Q: What do the founders of SHEology believe?

A: We believe our best, most fulfilling moments are found when we connect to the purpose of God as it intersects with our timeline on earth. We're unapologetically in love with the ways of God as seen in the life, death and resurrection of His Son Jesus. We love Him. We love you. That's our theology.

Q: What does the name SHEology mean?

A: We feel women have been alienated from the conversation of Who God Is for too long, and we wanted to welcome them in. SHEology means "women who love God deeply or love Him barely or love Him maybe" all have a seat at the table. Together, we'll see Him more fully, more beautifully, more truthfully than we could alone. 




Q: Is SHEology only a place for theological discussion, or will you ever talk about things that are just for fun?

A: The axis of SHEology is understanding the ways of God in our world and in our lives. But we believe His ways extend out in every direction. To beauty, to children, to work, to love, and all the way to recipes, movie recs, and our favorite yoga pants. Because all of the aspects of all that we are represents the character of God. 

Q: Do you accept contributions from other writers?

A: Yes! We're always open to great content that hasn't been published elsewhere. For contribution guidelines, email