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Edge of the Wild conference

We know you. We've been you. You're stuck. You're sad. And you don't think you have any right to be. Life isn't so bad, lots of people have it worse, and you know that.

But you can't shake the feeling that you were meant for more. You were meant for daring. The great unknown. You were meant to live on the Edge of the Wild.


event details

Edge of the Wild is a one-day event held in a beautiful, inspiring environment. It includes:  

  • Three hours of fun, fast-paced teaching with Bo Stern. Don't worry. You won't have time to get bored.

  • Two hours of intense personal coursework which will help you identify pain points and triggers from the past, a clearer picture of where exactly you are today, and some audacious goals and dreams for which you're ready to fight. Exciting!

  • A conference notebook and journal which will take you through the day and into the thirty days of wild and free living.

  • Q & A Happy Hour around good food and good wine, exactly the way every amazing day should end. This is where we decompress and discuss what God is saying to us about living wild and free.

The day is led by Bo Stern, founder of She.ology, and group discussions are intentionally facilitated throughout the day by She.ology contributors and leaders. 

Portland- May 18th Register HERE