The Secret Sauce One-on-One Message-Crafting Sessions   


This one-on-one coaching with me includes four sessions - either over the phone or at my home in Bend.   During these times together we’ll apply the grid from the Speakology conference directly to your story and we’ll build, refine and perfect your signature presentation.  Sessions are 45-60 minutes long and here is what you’ll have when you’re finished: 


1. Killer content.  This could be a sermon, a personal story you’d like to share to groups, a sales pitch, a Ted Talk  - or really any one thing that will help you get moving as a communicator in business or ministry.   Every speaker I know has one message that they feel most at home in, that they can tailor to fit many situations.  I’ll help you create yours and you’ll know when you’re finished that will resonate with your audience. 


2. A tool to use to hone and refine your delivery skills. When you know you have a superbly structured story, you can practice your delivery techniques all day long.  Creating your signature presentation will be building a skating rink on which to learn the triple toe loop.  When you have the rink - you can keep practicing and perfecting, but without the rink you’re gonna be skating in your socks on the hardwood floor.  It’s just not the same. 


3. The secret sauce.  I think this might be the most valuable thing you’ll take away from our time together:  The ability to apply the same structure and study habits to every presentation you have to give for the rest of all time.   It’s one thing to learn-by-listening, it’s another thing entirely to learn-by-doing.  That’s exactly what you’ll get in these coaching sessions. 

If you’re ready to take the next step in your speaking and story-crafting career, I’d love to help!  This package of coaching sessions is priced at $599, but if you attended Speakology, we’ll knock $100 off, making it $499.  Consider it our way of reinvesting into the voice of women in our world. 


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