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I can’t believe this day is finally here.  We’ve been praying and planning and decorating our little living room on the internet for months, but I feel like it’s been sitting in the hollow of my heart for all the years I’ve been alive - just waiting for the day it could fly free. 

And I know.  You guys, I really, really know:  We need another website on the internet superhighway like we need another shade of lipstick/lipgloss/tintedlipbalm.  But I mean…what if it’s that perfect not-too-pink and not-too-bright and not-too-glossy-or-too-matte  tube of magic you’ve been waiting for your whole entire life and haven’t yet found?  What if it’s winter and you need no-pink-at-all, but the exact shade of cranberry that’s deep and warm and conveys just the right amount of holiday spirit without looking like Mrs. Claus on a tinder date?  Wouldn’t you be happy to find a new shade if it was exactly…

Did I lose you at lipstick?  

How about books? Really, all the books that should be written have been written.  Unless…I’m leaving for a trip that involves a long airplane ride and I really, really need a memoir that’s funny but also makes me cry and then turns with the right-hook and inspires me to do something great with my life.  Or if I want to launch a new business and I feel entirely and completely overwhelmed with inadequacy - I need a book to tell me why I’m able and how to do it.  Or if after a lifetime of loving God, I run into serious and soul-crushing doubts about His character - I need a book to meet me in those doubts. Though my bookshelves overflow and books tumble out from under my bed, though I am generally reading at least five on any given day, I still comb Amazon for that next, perfect book that will speak my language, tell me a story,  broaden my worldview and, quite possibly, change the trajectory of my life. 

That’s She.ology.  

We are a group of women who have come together to create a community for all women who agree on one thing: Women matter.

We matter in the world and in the workforce.  We matter in our homes and our communities. And we matter in the collective, chaotic, band of misfits, dreamers and sinners called The Church.  


The Ecclesia.  

Whatever name you choose to use and no matter how irrelevant you’ve been made to feel in your neighborhood of the worldwide spiritual community, we are here to use our words and  passion to convince you once and for all: Sister, you matter.  You matter so much.  You are the perfect shade of lipstick.  You are a story being written, to be placed into the hands of another human who needs evidence of the character of a beautiful God on a difficult day.  You are one in a million.  And we will spend our lives and words on this message.  We will shout it from the rooftops and scream it from the cheap seats and whisper it in your ear until our voices go hoarse and you start to truly, fully, freely believe that there is no one in this whole world like you and you are infinitely and intimately loved by God.  

That’s why we’re here.  

So glad to have you along for the adventure, 

Bo Stern

Founder of She.ology, Voracious Reader and Collector of Lipstick  

P.S.  A couple of features you’ll want to check out : Monday Manifesto - every Monday one of our writers tackles a limiting mindset common to many women and empowers you with word-bullets to shoot right into that mindset all week long.  This week, I am tackling the "I am not enough" baloney that we tend to believe about ourselves.  Second great feature:  Talk Tips Tuesday.  Every Tuesday (thus, the clever title) we'll be giving you an easy tip to use immediately to improve your communication skills.  Whether you do your talking mostly on large stages or at small parties, we think this feature will give you in-the-trenches help for using words effectively.  

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