Monday Manifesto #3: I Will Ignore the Cheap Seats


[Ooooohhhh…It’s Monday!  Monday is our favorite day of the week here at She.ology.  It’s the day when everything starts new and fresh and anything is possible!   

We start each week with a manifesto of sorts.  We like to identify a limiting mindset and build some word-bullets to shoot into that thought for the next seven days, believing that the renewing of our minds is beautiful and worth all the muscle we can put into it. 

Proverbs 18 tells us our words are jam-packed with power.  The power of life or death.  Often, women think first about how their words effect others, but forget how much our words impact our own hearts and hopes and vision.  That’s where our Monday Manifesto steps in to do some of the dirty work.  Read the manifesto and commit to using the bullets each day this week to change your self-talk.  Record in your journal what kind of impact this has on your thoughts - or record it in the comments here!]

  If your life is a football game, you are the quarterback on the field.  There are a few on your team and a couple of coaches calling some shots from the sidelines.  

But wait -  close your eyes and listen closely:  

You hear teammates.

You hear coaches.  

But what’s that roaring sound in the not-too-distant distance?  The calls from the cheap seats.  And they are loud. And opinionated.  And intimidating.

All of us have them.  The people surrounding our lives.  The people who may have an opinion but are not necessarily close enough for their opinion to be well-grounded.  And yet often the sheer volume of their words or the force of their attention weighs more heavily than the voices we truly value. 

“The way to victory is not in trying to overcome your dispiriting emotions directly but in building a deeper sense of safety and at-homeness in the knowledge that you are deeply loved. Then, little by little, you will stop giving so much power to strangers.
— Henri Nouwen

 When you listen too much to the cheap seats, you give power over to people who often don’t know you well enough, love you faithfully enough or pray for you fervently enough.  Their intentions might be good, but giving weight to their voices is bad.  Playing their opinions over and over in your brain is exhausting.  Second guessing God’s plan for your life because of what they might think is destructive. Instead, decide who is on your field, who has the power in your life to offer direction, and listen to them.  Everyone else?  Thank them for coming, block out the shouting and go win that game, sister.  


Thought bullets for this week: 

People do have opinions, but they do not get to call the shots.
I will ignore the cheap seats.
Trying to make everyone happy most of the time, will leave me unhappy and exhausted all of the time.
I will not give power to strangers
Jesus knows my past and future. I can trust and follow Him without explanation or apology.