Monday Manifesto #1: I Am Enough

[Ooooohhhh…It’s Monday!  Monday is our favorite day of the week here at She.ology.  It’s the day when everything starts new and fresh and anything is possible!   

We start each week with a manifesto of sorts.  We like to identify a limiting mindset and build some word-bullets to shoot into that thought for the next seven days, believing that the renewing of our minds is beautiful and worth all the muscle we can put into it. 

Proverbs 18 tells us our words are jam-packed with power.  The power of life or death.  Often, women think first about how their words effect others, but forget how much our words impact our own hearts and hopes and vision.  That’s where our Monday Manifesto steps in to do some of the dirty work.  Read the manifesto and commit to using the bullets each day this week to change your self-talk.  Record in your journal what kind of impact this has on your thoughts - or record it in the comments here!]

Manifesto for Monday, July 30:  I am enough.  

Just three tiny words, but they are so packed full of power that just reading them probably created a tornado of questions and arguments and ‘but what about my huge inadequacy as a mom/minister/wife/waitress/___________________”.   Your enoughness is already assured in the great grace offered by Jesus on the cross. If you are enough for His life-poured-out, you are enough. Full stop.  You are weak and human and fleshy and maybe tired and broken and bruised…but, dear sister,  you are also oh-so-enough.  You are not moving toward becoming a complete person; you are currently complete because you are completely loved and moving toward truly understanding that and living in it.  

So, to live in the swirling truth of this manifesto, we’re going to use these bullets this week.  Pick one statement below (or build one of your own) and every time a feeling of inadequacy or insecurity rears it’s ugly head, shoot these words right into it.  This is not a quiet thing…do this thing OUT LOUD so your thoughts and your enemy can hear them.  With gusto.  With verve.  With hope.  With certainty!  Say them when you’re driving in your car, when you’re working out, when you’re running a trail, as you’re going to sleep.  Say them as you pay your bills or watch your kid’s baseball game.  Let the words roll through and resonate until they begin settle into the soft soil of your heart with seeds that will produce lasting fruit. 

  • I am enough because I am infinitely and intimately loved by God.  
  • I am unconditionally accepted by my Father. That makes me enough.
  • My inadequacies are no match for God’s enablement.  I am enough.
  • I am fearfully and wonderful made by a God who knows what He’s doing. 


Author: Bo Stern | | @bolovesjoe

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