I Know that I Know: God Speaks

Author: Jenny Lind Conlee | www.jennylindconlee.com | @jennylindconlee

I used to worry about deciphering the difference between God’s voice and mine. Because frankly, I’m loud. I don’t always mean to be and I joke that I make part of my living because of it.

In 2008, David and I were asleep in bed and received the kind of phone call in the middle of the night that you fear. My mom and stepdad, Jim, had flown to China for a business trip, and a blood clot had gotten into my stepdad’s lung. He was life flighted from the hospital in China to a better facility in Hong Kong. My mom squeaked out the words “50/50” between unintelligible sobs. We prayed with her. The moment we hung up, I told David that God was going to send me to be with my mom. I just KNEW.

The next morning, I was on the phone with the travel department from my stepdad’s company; they were sending me to be with mom. I told David and while he was glad, he was nervous to send me alone. So, I called the travel agent back and said, “You are doing so much for my family that I feel bad to make this call. My husband is afraid to send me to a foreign country by myself because I’m adorable.” Once she stopped laughing, the agent said she’d call me back in thirty minutes. On the dot, she returned my call with news she’d gotten approval to send David to Hong Kong with me.

We were in Hong Kong with mom for one week and set her up for the long haul. The days were a blur watching Jim in a medically induced coma, hooked up to the ventilator. I remember thinking “I hope I never see anything like this again”.

We sat. We prayed. Before I knew it, a week had passed and there was little to no change in his condition. My prayers went something like this, “Lord, if you’re going to take him - please do it while I’m here. Don’t let my mom face this alone.”

Our last day in Hong Kong I woke up with a confidence that is was ok to leave. We found a nearby market where mom could pickup essentials and help her settle in for the long haul. I flew home in peace knowing the Lord had my mom in His care and that Jim would be ok. He ended up being in that hospital for a total of seven weeks and two days.

I’ll never forget the phone call. I saw it was mom calling and I answered to get an update. Jim said, “Hey, Jenny girl.” I lost it. I tried to pull myself together so I could ask how he felt and when they were headed home. But I was so relieved to hear his voice. 

Mom and Jim made their way home to Texas. They are still driving each other crazy to this day. And Jim came to a relationship with Jesus Christ because of this experience. His faith is a source of inspiration for us. We love him so much.

This experience taught me so much about faith, trust and even my ability to hear His voice. His track record of faithfulness is 100%. You can trust Him with the big stuff. And He can use anything for His glory.

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