7 Ways to Launch a Summer of ADVENTURE

Bo Stern

I am getting ready to take some time off for my wedding and honeymoon, but I wanted to drop by and tell you about our July theme at She.ology which is….ADVENTURE.  Doesn’t summer just seem like the perfect time to experience something wild & free?  The thing is, it’s easy to let this part of our lives go as responsibilities get heavier and life gets busier.  Our spirit of adventure is easily extinguished by the path of least resistance or the way of less cleanup (and all the mom’s said AMEN.)  But I think adventure is an essential piece of feeling truly alive.  I don’t have any Bible to quote on that, but just LOOK at the lives of Jesus and His disciples.  They travel and sing and heal and teach and preach and give and serve and love and GO.  They are examples of the fluid movement of those who are led by a YES to the plan and purposes of our wildly free God.  


So, if you have an adventure you’ve always dreamed of, please make some room in your life to do it this month…or at least take the next step.  If you draw a blank when it comes to living a life of adventure, that’s okay too - here are some baby steps in you could take: 


  1. Spend an afternoon at a bookstore, looking through the travel guides. Narrow down your choices of somewhere you’d love to go and what you’d like to do when you get there. Even if you think it will be years before you can make that trip, just the planning and dreaming is an adventure.

  2. Plan a road trip. Little or big. Far or near. Loading up a car with a cooler full of snacks is a great way to get out of the rhythm of everyday life.

  3. Look up ten hiking trails in your area and make them your summer bucket list. Take photos of each one and write a little something in your journal about what you experienced out in nature.

  4. Go camping! Or glamping! Or back-seat-of-your-car’ing. Get out into the wild for a night or two and sleep under the stars. Roast hot dogs. Read by the light of a lantern. Listen to the sounds of creation. Even if you aren’t prepared to stay the night, having a long day out in nature is so good for the soul.

  5. Take a cooking class, learn a new language, study self-defense, learn how to use your computer for more than checking the weather. Just learn something new. Anything. We call these Brain Adventures and they keep us young and fun.

  6. Eat one meal in a restaurant with a different kind of food than you’ve ever tried before. Cliff and I recently ate at a Bosnian restaurant on a date just for the adventure of it. The food wasn’t awesome, but the experience was - and I remember that date better than many of the better-food dates.

  7. Wish on a star: Most cities have observatories where you can look through high powered telescopes and see into the expanses of the universe. It’s humbling and beautiful to realize how small we are. It’s a beautiful adventure that reminds you of the big design talents of our great God.

  8. (I know - I said 7 so this is a BONUS for FREE because I'm feeling happy!): Host a BBQ or dinner party for people who are outside your comfort zone. Ask them questions about their lives, listen to their stories, learn from their experiences, share your heart and home. Everyone wins!


So, there you go - some ideas for kicking off adventure this summer.  We’d love to know what your big YES’s are over the next few weeks.  Hit us up in the comments on the website, on our facebook page or Instagram. 


With big hope for BIG adventure,