Encouraging Words

Author: Jenny Lind Conlee | www.jennylindconlee.com  | @jennylindconlee

My lead pastor, Stan Russell, is a good man. I love him not only as my pastor but as a mentor. One of the things I’ve observed over the 15 years he’s been my pastor is how gifted he is at encouraging people. Not just from a pulpit, but even in the micro-conversations that happen when he is mingling. He assumes and believes the best in people. He believes in “holding the crown above someone’s head, and watch them grow into it”.

It’s like watering a plant. Your encouragement helps others grow. Your plants need sunlight. Your words are water and light to help others grow. I don’t know much about plants though. I kill every plant who enters my home at such an alarming rate that I’m amazed I keep my family alive! But you get the idea.

Every person has a story. I love stories - especially movies. I like to think of people’s stories as if their life was a movie. In the movie of your life, you’re the protagonist. Who are the other characters? Who is the hero? Who is the villain? Your victories and tragedies all play a part in your character’s development.

Now, think of someone else in your life. Who are you in their movie? You must decide before any conversation or interaction who you’re going to be in someone’s story. Are you going to be the person who encouraged them in tough times? Or are you going to be the one who crushed their dreams? Honestly - this is a legit fear of mine.

So, whether you’re in the cheap seats, front row or star of the show, be a voice of hope. Be a speaker of life. Every day that we draw breath, we have the opportunity to use our words. Don’t waste them.

Go on. Go make words good.