Slow Down & Speak Up

Author: Jenna Anderson | @mrsjenna_anderson

There it is. The ever familiar, seemingly constant ding, bing, or vibration calling.

You’ve got texts.

All throughout our days we find ourselves at the beckon call of our phones. Friends sending memes, spouses confirming pick-up times for kids, grocery lists being formed, and happy hour plans being plotted. Silenced or not, text messages interrupt our daily happenings more times than we can count. With phone calls being on the outs, a quick text sent can communicate our message with efficient precision. But what if there was more. What if there was potential in this tiny text to bring beauty and life with our words? Though I love me some handwritten words, I have found that embracing the potential found in the texting world really can wield power.

Imagine if that ding meant so much more than a reminder for a doctor’s appointment or a sale at World market. What might it be like if we utilized that buzz to infuse the day with life-giving words to a friend who needs it. To tap into this avenue for beauty, we need to slow down. Pause for a moment and consider who might need some thoughtfully sent words in this moment. Truth is, 30 seconds of intentional text messaging could be the very turn around your friend needs right now.

Truth spoken over a weary heart amidst the bustle and grind.

A chance for your friend to take a breath.  

A breath that would strip away the weight of the day,

the pain of a season,

and the ever-present whispers of the enemy.

A text that can be read and re-read to remind another that they are not alone.

Throw in some emoji’s to spice things up, but go ahead, send the text.

I believe life-steadying truth can be found on the other end of that tiny little text message.  A message of hope that has power. I believe it, because I have experienced it. I’ve responded to the grating bing of my phone wondering what else was required of me only to find words sent straight to my heart. Like fresh water on a hot day, a few words carefully crafted from a friend intercepted my desperate places. The perfect words stopped me in my tracks. Beauty blossoming in the middle of the ordinary.  It might sound funny to suggest that text messages can be a place of anointed encounters, but I think Jesus can get on board too. He knows the words we need to hear and I think He’s keen on helping us wrangle them for the sake for those around us. You might not feel like a poet or brilliant writer, but can you send a text? Guessing so.

Could we slow down just a little to thoughtfully text a friend with words that speak strength to their weaknesses, a little joy to their sadness, and a reminder that they are seen and known? Tell them what you admire about them or encourage them to keep going. Let’s let the vibration of phones not be a nuisance, but rather opportunities to invade lives with the perfect words sent at the perfect moment.

It really is this easy: Pause and think-

Who might need a text right now? Consider their life and season. Ask Jesus to give you a few words that they need to hear. Set those thumbs a texting and hit send. Let’s watch what happens as each bing and ding works its magic in this weary world.