Edge of the Wild = Wild and Free Life

So, I have bad news and then good news. 


The bad news is that studies show many women are overwhelmingly disappointed in the way their lives have turned out so far.  Though we’ve made a lot of progress in our gender over the past several decades, we seem to be struggling to find individual fulfillment and contentment.  My theory is that we are fighting for equality when we should be fighting for equity, but that’s a letter for another time.  


In the past few years I have been inundated with the stories of women who are longing for more, longing to matter, but can’t seem to develop clear forward motion.  This breaks my heart because I was exactly that woman not too long ago. Finding myself widowed at 49, physically depleted and uncertain on nearly every level, I was tempted to just stay safe and scared and out of the way of life.  I wanted to minimize risk at every turn, but I still longed for adventure and I was caught in the tension of my warring desires.  I decided it was way too early to just run out the clock on my life and began to do a deep dive into my history, my present and my desires for the future. I developed a plan, or maybe we could call it a map - a map to the Edge of the Wild.  


The good news is: The map has led to the most amazing season in my whole 53 years on the planet.  The better news is:  I would love to give it to you as well.  


Enter the Edge of the Wild conference.  This is eight hours of intense personal coursework and teaching that culminates in a fantastic happy hour Q & A.  Hundreds of women have attended this conference and the stories of life-change are amazing, astounding and make me cry every time.  


The deepest desire of my life is to see women set free to live out their full place in the wild, wonderful story of God. If you take the leap and attend Edge of the Wild, you will walk away with a clearly defined life story, an understanding of how your pain points have led to purpose, how your circles of significance are functioning and some epic dreams for the future (along with steps to take in achieving them.)  

Here's what ladies are saying about Edge of the Wild: 

 Edge of the Wild Conference was the start of a fresh new season for me. Not only in how I think, but gave me tools (and permission!) to create and pursue my daily goals and future dreams.  It was like a mindset restart and recharge that made me excited again of what God wants to do in me and how He wants me to fully live my life and purpose." Kristy H 

Edge of the Wild testimonial “In the course of one day (and a fab happy hour), I cried, laughed, and danced. What I had seen before as excruciating experiences and devastating failure actually uniquely qualify me to love and serve others.
Rather than looking back at past chapters of life with regret, I’m embracing the wild adventure of saying YES in my spirit to ‘Plan A, part 2’ of life. This is deep heart work mixed with Barbie and Lord of the Ring references, and stories that make the teaching come alive and real and applicable NOW.”

“How wonderful to be reminded that there is so much life to be lived!
I’m grateful for the tools Bo shared to declutter our thoughts and emotions,
and walk forward in truth and purpose. Such a timely conference!”- Cheri

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Can’t wait to see you living wildly free! 

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