When Opportunity Isn't Knocking

Author: Jenna Anderson | @mrsjenna_anderson

For years I found myself in search of my purpose. With jobs and roles changing through lots of different seasons and locales, I was stuck in a cycle of clarity and confusion on any given day. Some days I would walk into my job or a conversation with a friend and walk away thinking, “This is what I was created for!” Other days were met with a murky understanding of why I was placed on earth and required a whole lot of faithful grit to carry on. I lived for the purpose “glory moments” and fought discouragement and insecurity when the way seemed unclear.

Over the years, God has shaped and molded my understanding of purpose. However, it’s only been the last few years that I have overcome a hang-up when it comes to purpose that used to paralyze me far too often. I think of my purpose as the plumb line for my life. Something that always seems to shine through or find its way to the surface in every season. The sort of thing that makes your soul come alive. Like shoes that fit perfectly and put a legit spring in your step. Walking in your purpose steadies your identity and fills your heart and spirit with the sort or sigh that goes down deep. Walking in confident purpose is quite simply the best.

Many of my purpose-infused, glory moments have happened over the years on a stage speaking, sharing written words that have poured from my heart, or in ministry roles where I have had to courageously depend on the Holy Spirit to move and speak. Along the way, I frankly got mixed up. Because these moments were often linked to opportunity, I started to think that my purpose was held in someone else’s hands. That, my friends, is a lie. A lie that has derailed God’s ability to move in and through me in more moments than I’d like to admit. If my purpose is only meant to play out when I am speaking, or writing something someone will read, or pastoring another, then someone has to give me the opportunity to do just that. There-in lies the problem.

I was created on purpose with a purpose and that should flow out of me both on stages and super markets alike. I am created to remind people that they are seen and deeply valued by a God that is not far off. If this is my purpose, than I can’t reserve it for the times where doors open and mics are handed to me. I have to dig deep and let that purpose beat wildly within me. When I look at the state of our broken world I am ever more convinced that God needs us AWAKE. Awake to our purpose and willing to walk with passionate commitment into great opportunities and ordinary days just the same. The Holy Spirit wants to move and breathe and transform our world as we live on purpose. Are we willing to let Him? Digging deep into purpose takes humility.

Sister, I can tell you, I still pray for opportunity. I want to be used by God to communicate to the masses His message that He has embedded in my very core. However, I am not willing to allow closed doors shake my purpose and hinder God from moving anyway. Perhaps it might look a whole lot different than we think, or would like, but our purpose remains. For me, I am grateful that I am called to something greater than myself. I will keep digging deep and believing that my texts of encouragement to a friend or kindness shown at the coffee cart will have a holy impact on another life. I am tired of believing the lie that I have to have a golden opportunity to walk on purpose today.

When your dreams, mission, and purpose collide in those moments of rare, obvious synchronization, soak them in with gratitude and delight. On ordinary days, ask Jesus how to creatively live out your purpose within the nooks crannies of your simple, everydays. Let your purpose breath deep through you on stages, in restaurants, and while raising little too. He made you on purpose. Cheers to finding it and courageously walking it out.

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