Woman on a Mission: The Power of a Personal Mission Statement

By Jenny Lind Conlee | www.jennylindconlee.com  | @jennylindconlee

I started acting, blogging, and doing comedy about a decade ago. Ok, who am I kidding? I’ve been acting up my whole life! I guess I just wanted to be intentional about it. At first, I killed myself saying yes to every gig I was offered. I auditioned like crazy. I don’t believe in big breaks - I believe in the hustle. Soon I realized saying “yes” to a play was saying “no” to something else. That something else was usually time with my spouse. I decided to create a personal mission statement as a way of helping me choose which projects to pursue.

My mission is to entertain, encourage and inspire through faith, humor and honesty.

That sound cheesy to you? Gouda! It works for me. If something comes along, I use my personal mission statement as a filter. If something hits at least two of the three key points (encourage, entertain, inspire), it’s usually a “yes”. But if it doesn’t, I let that ship pass me by. It’s not part of my mission. And that’s ok! Learning to say no was hard, but sometimes necessary to staying on mission. It’s like saying no to a burger so you can say yes to a filet mignon. Or just pretend it’s your kid nagging you for another cookie. No isn’t a bad word. And “no” is a complete sentence. No.

When a miraculous turn of events occurred and I became mom to 2 year old twin boys unexpectedly, my desire for the spotlight waned. Even I can’t believe how much less I craved it. (If only I craved chocolate less.) My resolve in my personal mission became even more strong because it wasn’t just about me any more. Doors have opened up for my writing since motherhood. I enjoy writing even more than I did before. It hits all key points on my mission, and it doesn’t disrupt family life.

My personal mission statement has helped me stay focused which in turn has allowed me uncover my purpose as a storyteller.

Do you have a personal mission statement?

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