Purpose From Pieces

Author: Kate Schaber | www.kateschaberwrites.com | @kateschaber

We are in the middle of some exciting days as women. We have opportunity and open doors more than ever before, and many of us are awakening to the enormity of our potential for the first time.

Books about goal-setting and hustling and accomplishing are flying off the shelves and topping best-seller lists.

There are questions that we, that I, are desperate to address in these pages: What is my purpose? Am I capable of more than I thought? How do I reach my full potential? How do I accomplish everything I was created to, and be who I was made to be?

While all these tips are important and we do need guidebooks for our uncharted territory,  I can’t help but think that there is something that these blog posts and books are missing.

You see, your purpose is more than just goal-setting and hustling—sure, getting there will require hard work and intentionality,


You can work as hard as you want, you can show the world your competent, unapologetic self, and - not to be a downer here - sometimes things still won’t go your way.

No matter how many goals you set, you will still find yourself dodging curveballs. You will find yourself at dead ends and in devastating disappointment.

Sometimes the ashes of your dreams spill through your fingers and you find yourself utterly lost, standing on the broken ground of the road you thought was leading to fulfillment.

But can I tell you something? The path to your purpose is itself your very purpose. It is not just the smile and the glory on the mountaintops, where you are glowing with clarity and effectiveness, but it is the darkness of the valleys and the sweat on your brow as you struggle to climb cliff faces.

It is the person that is molded and re-molded through brokenness and challenges. It’s the ability to lean in to pain and to hold on in the midst of circumstances that are out of your control.

It’s finding peace and smallness and stillness and glorying in weakness because when we do Jesus WILL be proved strong.

Hard work and commitment and dedication are important, absolutely. Oh but friends, let’s not lose sight. Let’s remember the point of all this hustle and purpose-finding: All to Jesus, all for Jesus. To know Him, to be known by Him, and that all may find shelter in His love. To the glory of his name.

I am in the middle of one of the most difficult seasons of my life. It is gut-wrenching and personal and maybe someday I’ll write about it. But even here, in the midst of confusion, I recognize that all of this is part of my purpose too. I don’t believe God is excited about my pain, or even causing it, but I know that He is right next to me in it, that He won’t waste it. So in the waiting and the hurting and the unknown I am determined not to waste a drop of this difficulty either.

I will lean in, glory in my suffering, as Paul says in Romans 5. I will stake my claim to the endurance that is building, the character that is forming, and to hope. True, honest hope.

Life is one big both/and. Both heart-wrenching and heart-bursting; both grievous and gleeful. It is better than you could ever imagine and more difficult than you ever expected. Your purpose is, too, and we diminish its beauty when we boil it down to just the big, beautiful accomplishments. Whatever it is that God has for you to do will require everything of you, and bring you more fulfillment than you could imagine. So do not underestimate the power of vulnerability, of smallness, of unseen-ness. While the world needs your effectiveness and you in your fullest potential, it also needs the you that is less put-together, powerful, or sure.

Don’t hide from or reject the difficulty, the roadblocks. This is not the end. This is the way your purpose, from pieces, is paved.

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