February on She.ology

By: Bo Stern | www.sheology.co | @bolovesjoe

Oh, I love February! It is the first sniff of spring here in my mountain town and it’s the month of love and romance.  I know, I know, Valentine’s Day is a commercialized holiday with no innate meaning and a bunch of expense.  But for me, February is special because it was my anniversary (February 2) and I also associate it with the first holiday that isn’t so wintery.  

Here on the website, our writers will be looking at the topic of Romance & Adventure this month.  Maybe you feel that topic doesn’t apply to you, but it absolutely does.  Romance & Adventure is one of the 7 circles of significance we dissect at the Edge of the Wild conference. It encompasses more than just relationshippy stuff - it’s the part of you that responds to beauty, absorbs wonder and longs for adventure.  It’s the larger-than-life part of your existence, experiencing a remoteness from everyday life.  You can stoke the romance fires in your life even if you don’t currently have a beloved.  

And if you’re in a serious relationship, fear not! We’ll be tackling some of that tricky stuff as well.  Really, it’s just a great month to fall in love with life!  

So join us this month on She.ology for a look at the ways romance makes us more alive and more in love. We can’t wait to share all the heart eyes with you! 

With hope, 


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