The Wonder Boys

Author: Jenny Lind Conlee |  | @jennylindconlee

I think I always knew I wouldn’t be able to have children. But when you hear those words come from a doctor’s mouth, it carries the weight of cement shoes. It is such a weird space spiritually because I worship a God who deals in the impossible. Foster-to-adopt classes also proved very discouraging. It just didn’t feel right. Our miracle boys came in the form of a private adoption. I had a very vivid dream about twin boys, so when I came face to face with two-year-old Levi and Wyatt eight years later, there was an unexplained familiarity. My heart knew them.

Life isn’t all rainbows and kittens. There have been numerous challenges including ADHD and Tourette’s Syndrome. But I marvel at my babies. How far we’ve come. The way they’ve literally grown, and the way we’ve grown as a family. Our bond was instant and is so strong, and getting stronger every day. The love between us is indescribable. I have learned so much about God the Father because of being a mom to these sweet and crazy boys. 

The most wondrous thing to me is how God would bring about this family. How He made these boys just for us. How Levi can be so much like me, and Wyatt so much like his dad that he drives me insane. How I would go to war for them and do anything to keep them safe. Watching them grow up is such a marvelous adventure. Pointing them to Jesus and helping them discover their faith and calling is a great honor. If I were able to biologically carry children, there would be no Levi and Wyatt. That is a thought I cannot bear. They are the best part of me. 

The boys love to dress up as superheroes. It seems fitting because they are my heroes. In the car the other day, Wyatt said, “Mom, could I be as fast as The Flash someday?” And I told him no. I lovingly explained that Flash is a fictional character, and that it’s just a fun story. He said, “But you always say anything is possible with God!” I cracked up, but it really hit me later. All the times you think your kids aren’t listening or watching - they absolutely ARE. 

I love how my kids see the world. I love their imaginations. And they remind me daily that nothing is impossible for God. 

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