The Speakology Sessions: A Conference for Women Who Use Words


Speakers and writers are, by nature, creators.  They are the brave souls who take an experience or truth to wrap in words and give to others as a gift.  We never know how the gift will be received, but there is joy in the giving. Life is in the giving.  

Speaking and writing has offered opportunities beyond what I could have dreamed and after twenty years as a word-creator, I cannot imagine any other career.   My one regret is  that I never had a female mentor to help me avoid painful, frustrating and often embarrassing mistakes.  No one ever coached me in the business of using words for a living, working with men in ministry or straddling the weird line between platform-building and grandstanding.  I had no clue how to handle conference requests, deal with speaking fees, navigate book promo tours or confrontational audience members.  I just had to wing it and it was hard and slow-going.  I determined early on:  I’m going to take good notes as I learn, and hopefully it will become a map that other women can follow. 

Speakology is that map. 


Consisting of three workshops dealing with the structure, style and business of speaking or writing, it covers a bajillion of the things I wish someone would have helped me understand decades ago.  

Session 1: Tell a Better Story - How to build a good structure for studying and building a message, book or presentation that is clear, compelling and effective.  (Topics: knowing your story, creating an effective story arc, gathering an affordable library of resources, establishing study habits, story flow, use of humor, developing a rock solid thesis, what not to say, writing a great intro, coming to killer conclusions, building suspense, knowing your audience, etc.)   

Session 2:  Develop Your Own Speaking Style - In this session we cover the in’s and out’s of delivering speech, sermon or presentation.  (Topics include:  why authenticity is essential, volume, inflection, microphone weirdness, what not to wear, dealing with audience distractions, body language, the power of pauses, eye contact, using notes, feeding your main idea, what to do when a joke bombs, to sit or not to sit, how to handle stage fright, etc.)    

Session 3: WordsWork - the Business of Speaking & Writing - This session cracks open the vault of mistakes I made building a speaking career so that you can avoid them.  (Topics include: Knowing your mission, working with men, finding an agent, setting speaking fees, understanding hidden costs, building a platform, developing a PR package without losing your soul, self-publishing vs. traditional publishing, etc.) 

Here’s what people are saying about Speakology:

Speakology is the perfect blend of inspirational and practical content. If you have a message to share take the time to learn from Bo’s years of experience by attending this conference.
Because it’s Bo, you know it will be good but Speakology is incredible. Specific questions I had about the writing process were answered in detail. If you want to write or speak you need to attend! - Amy W.

For any woman looking to write or speak the Speakology event is worth your time and money. I have referenced the resources Bo shared more than once since attending the event in 2018.  The information is GOLD! I recommend sitting in the front with the intention of learning and laughing. Thank you Bo! And to the fearless team at She.ology, keep pioneering ladies! - Stephanie A.

Going to Speakology was a significant confirmation of calling after dipping my toes in the world of preaching. It gave me practical tools, as we boiled down the elements of speaking and pushed me forward in confidence. - MacKenzie B.

I loved the Speakology conference and so did the women who came with me!  Speakology was four hours of helpful tools and approaches that included something for everyone regardless of your context or experience.   The tips and tricks Bo shared and the Q&A she made time for only added to the experience.  I loved the new women I met and connected with too!- Ann R.

The Speakology Sessions 2019 Dates::

  • February 23: Bend, Oregon (tickets on sale now)

  • April 13: : Portland, Oregon (tickets on sale March 1)

  • May 4: Eugene, Oregon (tickets on sale March 15)

You in? Ready to jumpstart your creative word life? The Bend conference registration is open now here. (Pro tip: This conference sells out 100% of the time and this is our only conference in Bend this year, so register pronto!)

Can’t wait to see you at Speakology!


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