TUESDAY LIFE HACKS #2: Beautify Your Bedroom (& GiVEAWAY WINNERS!)

Author: Whitney Parnell | @whitneyellenparnell

If you're joining this series in progress, allow me to catch you up:  I asked our contributors for hacks for loving life at home and I got such brilliant responses that I decided to put them to the test for a month and see how they worked.  Hear me when I say: my house has been significantly and embarrassingly cleaner than normal for the past month. It’s true. Just ask my husband. So, for the next few weeks I’ll be sharing some of my favorite (and now tried and tested!)life hacks from the She.ology contributors. Maybe you’ve already heard and tried some of them for yourself, but hopefully you’ll find something here that helps you stay inspired!   Last week, we looked at the villain of junk mail, this week...how to have a beautiful bedroom.  You can catch last week's tip here.  Happy hacking! -Whit


These awesome hacks stayed with me during my month-long trial and made my bedroom more consistently clean than it’s been in months. I've summed all the advice I received in three tips:


  1. MAKE THE BED AS SOON AS YOU GET UP. Mentioned by Bo Stern, Kim Alexander & my own self, this life hack makes you feel instantly accomplished for the whole day, and makes you smile every time you see your beautiful looking bed.

  2. WASH YOUR SHEETS ON SUNDAYS : This ended up being one of my very favorite accomplishments, and made my husband SO happy. Washing our sheets has never been high on my priority list, but this, without a doubt, kickstarted our week in the best way. There’s just something about this one that makes you feel so amazing. (Thanks for this tip, Jenny Conlee!)

  3. Getting the award for “Toughest to Implement” is WEAR THE FIRST OUTFIT YOU PUT ON EACH DAY. Aye yi yi. This one is so tricky, but it really does cut down on clothes left laying around after you’ve hurriedly thrown clothes all around the room in total frustration. To just dip your toe in the water on this one, start out by simply making the rule that once you’ve landed on an outfit, you MUST put the rejects away before leaving your room. And maybe make a note that they’ve been rejected, and how many times in a row. Maybe you’re simply wishing those wide-leg pinstripe pants would work more often than they do and they need to find another home. (real life example, people)


PUT IT TO THE TEST: Give your bedroom some love this week! Your bedroom should be a sanctuary: a spa-like room of total peace and serentity. It’s a version of soul-care that often gets put on the back burner. Moms, if you’re feeling extra ambitious, apply this life hacks to your kids rooms too, and try to teach them to wear the first thing they put on. It might literally save them hours of wasted time in their lives. ;)



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