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You can learn a lot about a person by following her instagram feed. If you’re anything like me, you probably follow your fair share of beautiful homes, fitness goals, book fanatics and spiritual mentors. Why do you follow them? #Inspo baby! You see that gorgeous  kitchen come up on your feed with the perfect navy cabinets and sparkly white countertops and you think, “I’m gonna go clean my kitchen!” Or you see the super tan girl with washboard abs and you think, “I’m gonna quickly finish this Twinkie and get right to the gym.”  :) 

When we launched She.ology, I realized that I had at my fingertips some of the wisest women around (our amazing contributors) who’ve probably read, heard and tried some of the best advice out there. So I tested my theory. About a month ago I asked them all what their life hacks were for keeping their house clean. The life hacks they sent back surprised me, and I decided to test them out for the next month, to the best of my ability. Hear me when I say: my house has been significantly and embarrassingly cleaner than normal for the past month. It’s true. Just ask my husband. So, for the next few weeks I’ll be sharing some of my favorite (and now tried and tested!)life hacks from the She.ology contributors. Maybe you’ve already heard and tried some of them for yourself, but hopefully you’ll find something here that helps you stay inspired!


Happy hacking! -Whit




This was the most consistently-mentioned life hack from the contributors. Mail is cluttery and junky and frustrating.  If we don't get a handle on it, it'll take over our lives and sanity and ability-to-be-kind-to-our-children. Dealing with it effectively is one key to a more ordered life and a happier home.  Their tips:

  • “Treat junk mail like an intruder, and throw it away in the OUTSIDE trash so it doesn’t even step foot in your home.”
  • Another said, “Immediately sort through all mail and throw away everything you possibly can.”
  • One sassed, “Why do we even still get mail? It’s so 1988.” (Bo. It was Bo who sassed.)

A related tip for this one was to live by the rule that whatever you get out, you put back. This makes quick work of tidying up and saves so much time when you’re ready to get the deep cleaning done! 


PUT IT TO THE TEST: This week, make it a habit to take all mail out of your mailbox each day, and throw away everything you can immediately (including those extra envelopes everyone thinks you need). Notice how much it cuts down on that white paper clutter all around your house.


SHARE WITH THE CLASS: What are YOUR best hacks for decluttering?

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