Tuesday Life Hacks #4: Whitney's Favorites

If you're joining this series in progress, allow me to catch you up:  I asked our contributors for hacks for loving life at home and I got such brilliant responses that I decided to put them to the test for a month and see how they worked.  Hear me when I say: my house has been significantly and embarrassingly cleaner than normal for the past month. It’s true. Just ask my husband. So, for the next few weeks I’ll be sharing some of my favorite (and now tried and tested!)life hacks from the She.ology contributors. Maybe you’ve already heard and tried some of them for yourself, but hopefully you’ll find something here that helps you stay inspired!   Last week, we looked at tips for beautifying the bedroom, this week...how to love your kitchen.  Happy hacking! -Whit

MY PERSONAL FAVORITES: Three personal favorites really helped inspire, motivate and keep me consistently able to implement all these life hacks.

  1. Fresh Flowers (from Jenna Anderson). There’s something about fresh flowers that makes you want to display them in a fresh, clean, inspiring home. I find this to be true with a good candle too, especially in the fall (oh hi, Yankee Home Sweet Home)!

  2. Multi-tasking (from Tess Metcalf). Here’s what Tess had to say about this: “It’s all about finding time in between things for me - like loading/unloading dishes while my coffee brews in the morning. Typically, once I start, I’ll finish the job. It’s the starting part that’s hard, so doing it while I’m doing something else and have some down time works... when I actually do it instead of scrolling through Instagram”  I LOVE this, and I totally agree.

  3. My personal favorite tip from Kristen Lunceford and my own self: Audiobooks. You guys. I listened through 20 books last year WHILE keeping my house clean and my laundry folded. Walking around the house with my white headphones in became my trademark, and while my little guys had to get used to actually waving their hands in front of me to ask me a question, they also got used to having all their clothes folded and put away in their drawers. A fair trade, if you ask me. This year I’ve listened through GOBS of podcasts, expanding my own education while washing dishes and such. Kristen said: “I keep up with little things I’d otherwise procrastinate about (I’m looking at you laundry basket full of clean clothes from last week).  Added bonus: Less resentment. Why? Because I’m r e a d i n g!” This is exactly right.

    PUT IT TO THE TEST: Try implementing several of the Contributor Life Hacks we’ve sent out, and stay motivated by snagging a beautiful bouquet for your entryway table!

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