The Problem(s) With Girls' Night Out

Author: Jenny Lind Conlee |  | @jennylindconlee

She uttered the three words I’d come to fear most, “girls night out” (aka GNO). I cringed. Not because I’m an introvert. On the contrary! Going out meant putting forth effort. Like wearing pants. And having to wear my bra past 8pm.

This whole GNO thing has gotten way more complicated since becoming a mom. Not only is it harder to make time for it, but the mom guilt is SO real. I feel like I’m leaving my husband in the lurch. I mean, what will they eat without my mediocre cooking? (Trust me when I say I’m being generous when I refer to my cooking as “mediocre”. I do unspeakable things to enchiladas. WHO MESSES UP ENCHILADAS?!) How will my family survive without me?! I’ll miss tucking them in and kissing them goodnight?! Sigh.

But this weird thing happened when I put my pants back on and met up with my friends.  We ate too much, laughed even more, and hours flew by faster than Usain Bolt. We went to the deep end, too. We talked marriage, family, career and ministry. I left better than when I arrived. My stomach and my heart were full.

It was a time I didn’t even realize I needed. In fact, I was starved for it. My soul needed this gathering. Then it hit me on the drive home: my friends needed me, too. They needed me to laugh with, to comfort them, and do life with them.  We were meant to need each other.

There is value in us being together. It’s not about me. It’s about US. “Together” is a power source. Like your cell phone at the end of the day, when we stay away from a power source, we start to run low and need to get charged up.

Other power sources besides GNO for me include but are not limited to church and Life Group. What gatherings are power sources for you?

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