Talk Tips Tuesday #5: Learn From Every Speaker You Hear

Talk Tips Tuesday.png

Good speakers can teach you how to command a room and use only the words you must, bad speakers can teach you the value of brevity, and these lessons can show up in the most unexpected places. Traffic school wasn’t just traffic school, it was a lesson in a good speaker’s ability to make even the most mundane material engaging while winning over a hostile audience. My traffic school instructor was an incredible communicator and you can be too! Just keep those ears peeled for lessons of all kinds.  


Homework:  When you go to class or church or - horrors! - traffic school, pay close attention to the way the speaker commands the room, the way she maintains eye contact, the way he uses story to teach. And also notice the response of the audience.  Are they engaged?  Sleeping? Playing Angry Birds while pretending to take notes?  The best way to learn about communication is to be a keen observer of other communicators.  


Whitney ParnellComment