Monday Manifesto #6: I Am Ready



Remember how scary it was to read for the class way back in your early years of reading? Remember when the teacher called on you and you tried to keep your voice from trembling or to breathe normally and not say that silent K? Remember the stomach-clenching fear halfway through when you knew you were only halfway through? And the cascade of relief when you were finally done and it was some other kid’s turn to suffer?


Maybe you’re an excellent reader and the thing that really terrified you was trying out for the team or drama or science fairs or choir concerts. Back in our school days, we had to do plenty of things we were not ready for, but we did them and we made it to the other side and we got better. Did you read perfectly? No, you were still learning. Did you do better than you’d hoped? Yeah, you probably did.


As women, we have a lot more agency in our lives than we did as girls. We can choose whether to  get up and sing at the karaoke bar or enjoy it from our seats. We can choose to volunteer to pray out loud at Bible Study or agree quietly in our hearts. It’s remarkable how quickly we grow accustomed to the comfort of a risk free life; of doing things only when we are sure that we’re ready. However, sometimes we raise the bar for ready and believe that to be ready is to have zero fears, hesitations, or unanswered questions. That is not ready, that is impossible.

Ready is not the opposite of risky.

  • You were ready to read to the class even though it made your stomach fill with butterflies.

  • You were ready to try out even though some of the players were better than you.

  • You were ready to audition even though you couldn’t hit that note until the Spring concert.

  • You are ready to draw up that business plan even though you haven’t secured the funds yet.

  • You are ready to have that baby even though you don’t know how on earth you’ll add a whole other life into the mix.

  • You’re ready to write that book even though you’re not a “real writer” yet.


So once again, remember how scary it was to read for everyone way back when you were a tiny? So does God. He was right there beside you in class. He remembers how proud you were when you did well and the tears you blinked away when you wished you’d done better or didn’t have to at all. He is exactly as confident in grownup you as he was in little you.


God is right there beside you and he knows you’re ready. And we know you’re ready. And deep down you know you’re ready. So all that’s left is to get started


Word Bullets of Readiness:

  • I am ready, even though I have butterflies.

  • Though I walk through the Valley of the Shadow of Doubt, I will not fear, for God is right beside me.

  • I am capable, talented, blessed, and anointed.

  • I just have to start, I don’t have to be perfect.  

  • Jesus has all the answers, so I don’t have to.