Enduring the Weighty Unknown

Author: Jenna Anderson | @mrsjenna_anderson

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Staring down at my rotund, pregnant belly, my toddler made another run for it and I tried to catch my breath. Life was full and beautiful and gratitude settled over me. I began to think about the future. The ways my girls would be the sweetest sisters, how my heart would grow in love for this new life, and how my husband would love his ladies in the most tender, fierce way. Our home would bubble with rambunctious energy as my daughters bounced around with giggles of delight. How sweet it all would be. Then, just like that, I sensed it. In an instant my daydream was socked in with a fog that rolled in with questions that crowded out my joy. What kind of mom would I be with two busy babies? What is the right decision to make about work? How would I balance it all? What would our budget look like? How would my calling and purpose work inside of motherhood? Weighty questions hung ominous without answers. I stared ahead into the future with both excitement and the temptation to walk in fear.

Perhaps you know this foggy path well or find yourself on a first-time journey here. The truth is, you will walk this rugged trail more than once in your life and the way you choose to walk it will allow you to be steadied in peace or falter along the way.

This is the trail of the weighty unknown.

It’s the path that leads from one certainty to the next, one secure season into the murky middle of another. The dark corners of our understanding can send us running ahead to meet our future or lagging behind, paralyzed by fear. But this path that can’t be avoided has the potential to strengthen us for what is beyond the horizon if we will let it.

As leaders and women, we have to find a healthy way to navigate the many transitions and changes that will come in our lives. We may find ourselves here as we wait for a relationship that’s not yet, a change in career, open doors into our calling, or an unexpected shift in seasons. Whatever has brought us here, this path can be wearing and scary. How will we withstand the pressure, confusion, and weight that comes in the midst of the unknowns in our lives? How do we become people who wait with hope-filled expectancy and ready ourselves to step into what’s next with grace and strength?

On my foggy day, I heard the Holy Spirit’s whisper, “Your unknowns are absolutely KNOWN by me.” Choosing to lean into this simple truth with renewed faith and trust made all of the difference for me. The Almighty knows what is ahead and promises to be there when we arrive. Even better, He will walk beside us when we find ourselves in the dark of our wonderings. Traversing the unseen rise in this trail with health and wholeness requires that we slow our pace and renew our trust in the God who knows. When we shift our focus from our questions and onto His goodness, it reveals a new way for us to walk. Our steps become secure even without having all the answers we think we need. Our unknowns are known by God. Strengthened by this truth, we can use our time of transition to adjust our view.

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