Monday Manifesto #4: I Am Strong Enough

Author: Bo Stern | | @bolovesjoe


The strength of women is being shouted from many different rooftops these days. Sometimes it’s that we are strong enough to be moms, or strong enough to not be moms. We’re strong enough to support a man or strong enough to support ourselves. We’re strong enough to lead in the house of God or strong enough to submit to authority with grace and humility. All of these interpretations of female strength can be conflicting, confusing, and unhelpful when you string them together in a moment of doubt; but they do not have to be. Every one of them is ultimately true.

We at She.ology believe that all kinds of women are all kinds of strong. Women are strong enough to lead, strong enough to support, strong enough to raise children, and strong enough to ask for help. Women today and all throughout history, have been tasked with being very strong and very flexible and we (and YOU) have proven before that we can rise to the occasion.

That said, our strength is so easy to doubt when struggling beneath the weight of very heavy things. Heavy schedules, heavy family needs, heavy emotional battles, heavy imposter syndrome. We all have our own unique load to carry. Watching the women around us carry their loads with such apparent ease can breed feelings of loneliness and guilt. This week as we carry our many and varied heavy objects, remember that the woman in the crisp pencil skirt, and the woman with the perfectly crafted chalkboard bake sale signs, and the one posting glowing pictures from Budapest, are all wondering how much their arms can actually hold before they buckle.  

Today: Make a list of the stuff you carry everyday and then assign each thing a weight from 1-10. Are you carrying anything unnecessary?  Anything that doesn’t belong to you? Anything over which you have no control? Surrender those things to the care of Jesus and cross them off your list. Now, with your true list in hand - here are your bullets:

  • The whole world is in His hands and MY whole world is in His hands.

  • I will not fear; He is with me.

  • I will love as I have been loved; I am strong enough to love bravely.

  • I trust in Him, so I am strong enough to dream boldly.

  • When my strength fails, His does not.

  • My life is hidden in Christ, so He is carrying me while I carry ___________.  

Now, go face your Monday with moxie.  You’re ready. You’re beautiful. You’re strong because of Him.

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