All the Single Ladies: Here are Our Favorite You Version Reading Plans



Are you ever overwhelmed by the sheer volume of Bible reading plans offered by You Version?  We can spend hours in the black hole of that little search bar, sifting through everything from exegetical books studies to devotionals for divorced men who own dogs (kidding.  They probably don’t have that.)  We’ve done a little reviewing and sorting and will be posting regular recommendations for our favorite You Version plans.  We think it’ll save you some time.  You can thank us by taking us to coffee.  


Today’s theme?  Bible reading plans for single ladies.  Our editorial director, Bo Stern, has personally reviewed each of these plans (and a whole gob of others that didn’t make the cut) and thinks they’re worth a look-see from you, too.  Enjoy. (She takes her coffee black.) 



:  Swipe Right: The Life And Death Power Of Sex And Romance - by Levi Lusko (12 Days)  “Don’t you dare trade your calling for something that’s one-and-done. Don’t let the devil set the value on your life. He’s a liar! He will whisper that sleeping with someone will make you feel loved—but you are already loved by an almighty God. He will whisper that looking at porn is normal, harmless, and will satisfy—but you will be hungry again, and besides you are destined to be a leader, not a follower. Normal is overrated. He will whisper that you are missing out by not doing what your friends are doing and that one’s true! By following God’s plan, you are missing out on heartache, regret, guilt, and a whole lot of sadness.”  


:  Singleness: A guide for Women.  (7 Days).  Note:  This one is unique in that it has no devotional, just one question to answer each day, a prayer to listen to and a bible reading.  I probably wouldn’t normally like this format, but in this case, I like the simplicity of it and the way it makes you think.  


: Dating and the Single Parent, by Family Life (7 Days) This one is pretty hard-hitting as well, but I know the issues people face dating after marriage are significant and it’s important to find God’s heart on it.  “Single parents sometimes tell themselves that their happiness is at the center of their children’s happiness, therefore, “if I fall in love, my kids will be happy, too.” But the truth is there’s no guarantee that if you find romantic love it will improve the lives of your children. In fact, your happiness can bring great unhappiness to your children. To remain balanced in dating, give equal consideration to your needs and those of your children.”


:  God Comes Through in Covering You by Kennettra Bryant, Ed. D. (5 Days).  Not specifically about singleness, but I really liked the premise of being carried and covered by God.  I often feel responsible to take care of my own self - this is a really good 5-day reminder that I’m not very qualified for that.  “Life is full of challenges, choices, changes and characters but remain encouraged today by Psalm 91 that you are completely covered by the LORD in all things regarding you.”  



:  Woman of Promise: Letters to  the Single Mother by Michelle Lynn Senters.  (7 Days)  From her book, The Unseen Companion, Michelle Senters helps steer single moms toward the life-saving grace of Jesus.  “When I was a single mother, I defined myself as profoundly alone. I woke up alone. Went to bed alone. Cared for my children alone. Cried alone. This loneliness skewed my perception of God’s presence because I unknowingly blamed Him for my feelings of isolation and abandonment. “ 


:  The Other Side of Beauty: A Seven-Day Reading Plan, by Leah Darrow.  (7 days).  Written by a former contestant on America’s Next Top Model, this plan exposes the bondage that the constant search for physical beauty can create.  “What does it say about our women, about our culture, if we’d rather look good than do good? So many young women today have swallowed the same lie I did about what beauty is. We look to the world for answers, for help, to be validated, to be told we are good, beautiful, and worthy. But instead, we develop a sense of inadequacy that we believe can only be cured by a product, a look, or a lifestyle. “


Let us know what you think if you try one of these plans - and definitely tell us about any reading plans you've used and loved!