Talk Tips Tuesday #1


Land Your Sentences. 

Upspeak is a thing.  Linguists call it “high rising intonation” or - no kidding - “moronic interrogative”.  Americans think it originated in California, Australians believe it’s the product of Australian soap operas, but it’s actually represented in many cultures.  No offense to my southern West Coast neighbors or Australian soap stars, but upspeak has never made a speaker sound MORE credible. Our voices raise at the end of a question to signal uncertainty about what we have said. Is the tea ready? Do we take a left here? Don’t you want me, baby? Think of it as body language for your voice. Upspeak puts a vocal shrug at the end of your sentence and it will generally instill uncertainty in your audience as well.

Don’t question yourself; stick the landing.  

Homework: Listen to the people around you and on tv, and note when you hear upspeak and how it makes you feel about the authenticity and authority of the speaker (Pro tip: The Bachelor is a great place to start.)  This will make it easier for you to hear in yourself.


{Talk Tips Tuesday is a weekly feature to help women improve communication skills in every area of life.} 

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