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Author: Bo Stern | | @bolovesjoe

When my husband died in 2015, it was the end of a very long, very difficult battle. I was tired, depleted and uncertain.   

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More than anything, I wanted to stay small and safe and just try to run out the clock.  Thankfully, God ignored that request and, instead, did the opposite.  He sent me on an adventure out to the Edge of the Wild (that’s a quote from The Hobbit) and it changed my whole life.  It started with one brave ‘yes’ to a snowy walk alone at midnight and the yes’s kept growing from there.  The trail of His love for me has winded through scary, beautiful places and I couldn’t be happier that He said ‘no’ to safe and small.  I now have the words “Edge of the Wild” tattoed on my wrist because I don’t want to forget exactly where I’m meant to live. 

I spent last year teaching hundreds of women how to live their wildest, freest, lives.  The results have been beyond my dreams.  I’ve watched women come alive to their true purpose and stop settling for status quo.  I’ve watched women get jobs, mend relationships, launch businesses - so many brave and beautiful things, I want to cry just thinking about them.  


The conferences have been AMAZING (and we’re doing five or six more in 2019), but they are an investment that not everyone is able to make.  I’ve been thinking about ways to break the teaching down into smaller pieces and - EUREKA! - I came up with this.  

The Edge of the Wild Life Planner:  A Step-by-Step Guide to building a Wild & Free Life 

This is a planner + and an adventure = Planventure! 

If you spend the seven days digging into this 30-page guide, you will: 

  • Discover the seven circles of signficance in your life 

  • Identify your deepest concerns in each area

  • Identify your wildest dreams in each area 

  • Build immediate, mid-range and long-range action steps for achieving your dreams!  

  • Get your fears and faith in front of the Holy Spirit and let Him speak into your next season of life.  

And this just in: I’ve filmed short teaching videos to go with each day of the planner, explaining the concept and each circle of significance that you will evaluate on your journey to a wild & free 2019.

Just seven days, looking at the full landscape of your life.  

You ready?  

We’re giving this e-book and the teaching videos away for free for the next two weeks.  Grab it here.  

P.S: If you’ve been to an Edge of the Wild conference, this planner will be PERFECT for you!

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