Creating Abundance: A Choose-Your-Own-Adventure Challenge

Author: Bo Stern | | @bolovesjoe

My old friend, Wikipedia, sums up the meaning of scarcity as follows: 

Scarcity refers to a gap between limited resources and theoretically limitless wants.

That dumb gap.  It stands between the new boots I want and the bank balance I have.  It lives in the space between the job I’m dying to get and the one I actually go to every day.  It holds court in the middle of my Pinterest-worthy dreams and my bargain basement reality.   The gap is both enemy and motivator.  

Every day, I am mindful of the gap between what I hope for and what I have,  where I am and where I want to be.  And if I’m not careful, that gap can quickly turn me into a victim.

I don’t think it’s wrong to have dreams and desires, but I think they can easily become unmanageable and dangerous if we don’t find a way to lean hard into the abundance Jesus offers.  But, how do we do that? 

I love micro-habits. I find that taking a small step in the direction of my goals usually produces larger-than-expected results.  Since we all need a different small step, we’ve created a “Choose Your Own Adventure” habit-builder to help you create a mindset of abundance-building in your life this month.  Here’s how it works:

1: Print it out (optional - but it’s so pretty and would look so nice on your bulletin board!)

2: Pick one thing from the “Every time I…” column and one thing from the “I will…” column. This is your micro habit this month. For example: “Every time I put in a load of laundry (#1), I will thank God for my children by name (#R).”

3: Write your habit down on a bunch of sticky notes and toss ‘em on the fridge, the bathroom mirror, car dashboards, computer screens - anywhere you will see it, do it, live it and grow.  

Green Succulents Weekly Schedule Planner.png

For the record, the adventure(s) I’m choosing:  

Every time I buy something, I will find something to give away. 


Every time I see a Starbucks, I will pray for a friend to succeed.

I’ll let you know how it goes! Please tell us YOUR new habit-building adventure in the comments and we will cheer you on from the cheap seats.

With hope, 


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