The Word Became Flesh and Moved Into Our Mess

Author: Jenny Lind Conlee |  | @jennylindconlee

Everyone has issues, right?  Well, if not, then I’m making up for those who have none. My issues are numerous. My issues need tissues.

My family has hit a rough patch as of late. This chain of events includes ambulance rides, medications, changing schools and finding more specialized help and therapy. Parenting is hard in the best of circumstances, and adoption comes with its own special set of personalized and monogrammed baggage. I’ve never felt so powerless in my life. This is also one of the weirdest seasons of my life - that while we’re facing these things, we’re seeing the fruit of many years of work. These things feel like little winks from God as if to say, “I’ve got this, just like all these other things.” It’s far too easy to let our small minds make God small enough for us to understand Him. Fight that urge.

Our Lord was born in a barn. He was literally born into a mess. So, there’s nothing you can do to keep Him away. He entered the world in a mess so that He could help you with yours.

It’s in these moments in hospital rooms or when I’m crying into my cake that I remember He came to us even though we are a hot mess. He didn’t just show up like a late guest to a dinner party. He showed up like an EMT in the ambulance, racing to our rescue and arriving just in time. Never late. Never early. God injected himself into the mess at precisely the right moment. To quote Cinderella’s Fairy Godmother, “Even miracles take time.”

I know holidays are hard. Your life might be kind of a dumpster fire right now. That’s ok. It’s ok not to be ok. Invite Him into your mess instead of asking Him to take it away.

This is WHY He came.

He is here.

He is with us.

In what ways are you seeing God with you this Christmas?

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