God of More

Author: Kate Schaber | www.kateschaberwrites.com | @kateschaber

God always makes room for more,

Creative One that He is.

Something from Nothing,

Beauty from Ashes,

A Way where there is No Way.

When His people were sure they were the only chosen people,

God threw the doors wide open

And said come to me, all.

So why are we building walls between us, hurdles for the hurting to climb?

Why are we creating more rules, more prerequisites?

When He said come as you are.

When there is nothing we could do to earn this love,

Why do we turn to our neighbor and say “your best is not enough”?

Let’s turn this thing on it’s head

Put this scarcity gospel to bed

God, give us eyes like yours

Give us commitment like yours,

Give us arms spread wide like yours,

Courage like yours

to turn and call strangers, friends.

Elisa EarwickerComment