Creating Abundance: Rich with Words

Author: Jenna Anderson | @mrsjenna_anderson

I’m a words woman. I love to talk, love to write, and have an embarrassing amount of cards and scraps of paper full of meaningful, memory-soaked words stored up in boxes. Growing up I remember distinctly learning the power of words from my dad. My dad is the friendliest sort of guy. He’s the kind of guy who will befriend people in line at Disneyland and be best friends by the time the ride jolts to a stop. My dad is also the king of the carefully placed sticky note. He wields sticky notes with heartfelt, funny, and witty words with perfect precision. I can remember countless times having a bad day or feeling discouraged and being met with a little “Dad loves Jen” or “You can do it!” scribbled on a post-it and snuck onto my nightstand. Post-its celebrated my wins with his famous stick-figure man holding a “Yea Jen” flag and my lunch bag held a surprise note to remind me that he was thinking of me too. When I think of my childhood, many moments were marked not by the power of a sticky note, but by the words penned by my dad. Thoughtful, kind, encouraging words that cost him $1 and about 60 seconds to give - but those words held so much power.

Power to make me smile.

Power to break my stuck mindset.

Power to remind me that I was seen and loved.

His sticky, scattered words changed me.

In a world full of scarcity, we hold unknown riches when we consider the power that our words have. Where words flow often too freely and carelessly, what if we chose to be people who measured our words and gifted them carefully? Though it costs us little, a moment of thoughtful intentionality could become the richest gift someone receives.

Maybe it means taking a moment in your social media scrolling to comment on a friend’s beauty or offer words of encouragement.

Maybe it’s a love letter tucked away in a suitcase while your husband travels.

Maybe a handwritten letter to remind someone far away that you’ve got them on your mind.

Maybe it’s a sticky-note in your kiddos’ lunch to put a smile on their face.

Rich or poor, we all have the capacity to practice abundant generosity with the things we say. We can be generous with our words knowing that they truly do have power to bring life and joy to weary souls. Speak up (or write up!) and see how you can lighten a heavy load, turn sorrow into joy, and steady shaky legs for those around you.

Speak a word of courage. Crack a light-hearted joke.  Maybe draw your best stick-figure man cheering someone on. Whether you’re a words woman or not, your words hold weight. Speak freely this season and watch as your words breathe new life to those that hear them.

Think of a time the words of someone breathed life and strength into your heart.  We’d love to hear about it - share in the comments!

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