Creating Abundance: November on She.ology

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Oh, hey there, November!  We didn’t see you sneaking up on us.  (Except we did and we totally prepared for your happy arrival!)  

We’ve been chomping at the November bit here at She.ology because we’re so excited about our theme for this beautiful month.  While we know that November is universally regarded as the “gratitude month”, we’re going a different direction and focusing on: Creating Abundance.  

Our world has grown so weary and weighty with the fear of scarcity.  Is there enough money, power, approval, acceptance, beauty, love & joy to go around?  Is life really a zero sum game?  And if we serve the God who came to give us life in abundance, why are we not experiencing it? 

These are the things on which we will focus our attention this month, along with some fun holiday ideas and our regular contributor columns.  Oh, also!  Our contributors have been working tirelessly on their favorite gift ideas for all the lovelies in your life and we’ll be sharing them early enough to help with your Christmas shopping (apologies to everyone who wasn’t ready to acknowledge shopping season just yet.)  

Finally - I have been writing a seven-day devotional for Advent, based on the beautiful Song of Mary.  I have been splashing around in the beauty of The Magnificat every day and in every translation, sifting through it for truth, joy and hope that can fill our hearts and homes during the holidays, whether you feel happy this year or not.  Song of Mary is now in design and will be available for the merry price of FREE on or around November 15.  As always, keep your eyes peeled on our social media platforms and subscribe to our mailing list for information on that and SO MANY other fun giveaways for the holidays.

Okay, that’s the update from She.ology HQ.  Welcome orange and leaves and candles and turkeys and thirty-days-of-gratitude-posts and recipes and family and happiness.  November is here!  

With hope, 


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