Monday Manifesto #11: I Am Worth Fighting For


    The battlefield is a lonely place. Sitting in the middle of the vast chasm of a strained relationship or a possible, but not guaranteed promotion. The stinging words of an unhappy teenage child or unkind parent can leave us feeling hurt and also a little cold and distant from the world around us. We search for answers, right responses, and ways out. The battlefield takes guts and determination and sacrifice. Women have to be quick on their feet all the time; making sure they respond correctly to their kids and neighbors and office frat boy in just the right way; showing our true strength or making them think your solution was their idea. Different battles call for different tactics. All this warfare is maddening and exhausting and lonely. Thank goodness we’re not actually alone.

    We have sisters, mothers, uncles, friends, pastors, neighbors, cousins, our kid’s viola instructor, church prayer teams, and really nice cashiers at Trader Joe’s. We have people. Somewhere there is someone to tell you’ve just been laid off. One of our people will commiserate with us about the kitchen never staying clean for ten minutes. Someone loves to prep taxes. Someone will edit your resume. Someone’s kid wants to have ours stay over and now our house is at least one kid quieter for a night - and we get to miss that kid and give them a big, possibly unwanted, hug when they come home.

    Each week at the grocery store or on the phone or during the Greet Your Neighbor portion of the service, we have these little moments to hand a piece of our battle to someone else. To let them feel some of that weight. Each week, if we choose to see them and choose to share, our people prove to us that not only do we not have to be alone, but that

are worth fighting for.

You are worth fighting for. You are worth standing by. You are worth a hug. You are worth a laugh. You are worth friendship and comradery and solidarity. You are not alone, even if you still feel lonely. You are not alone, even if you still feel overwhelmed. You are not alone, even if you aren’t sure how we’re all gonna make it out of this thing. You are worth fighting for.

This week, choose to connect with some of the people on your side, including yourself, small ways:

Remind yourself of this:

- I am worth fighting for.

-I am a good friend in the trenches.

Reach out to someone in a small, practical way.

-Tell someone what’s weighing on your mind.

-Tell one person something you’re proud of.

-Tell one person about the last book you read.

-Make one whole plan with one whole person.