Monday Manifesto #10: A Manifesto for Our Girls

The world is a big, scary, abundant, and adventurous place. Every woman with daughters, nieces, or cute neighbor girls knows this. There are so many voices against them. Through all of the great big adventures and little twists and turns, she will have one voice that sticks with her. One voice that never stops giving it’s opinion on her actions and inactions; her successes and missteps. That voice will be her own.

Her voice will give it’s opinion on how that speech went. He voice will weigh in on whether she should go for the promotion or not. Her voice will either give her courage or back her into a corner when it’s time for her No to mean No. It may respect her when she is not being respected, or it may tell her this is what she deserves. Her voice is ever present and ever powerful. Her voice is also teachable.

You, her mother, grandmother, aunt, sister, or algebra tutor can teach her voice how strong it can be. You can teach it to sing her praises and wrap her in warmth and dry her tears and to get really good at saying, “Go get ‘em, tiger!” Your voice can supply the vocabulary to hers. Words like Powerful, Respectful, Worthy, Intelligent, Empathetic, Wise, Playful, Fun, Creative, Peaceful, Lovely. You can fill her voice with real powerhouse phrases like, “I am enough.” “I deserve respect and I respect myself.” “I’m good at learning new things.” “I am capable of sailing rough seas.”  “I am chosen by God and endlessly loved by Him.” You can pump her voice full of all the good stuff.

The world we live in has never been kind to women. It’s bought and sold and claimed them. It’s underestimated them. It’s told them what they are or are not worth for centuries. But whatever voices have already put in their two cents about who or what your daughter or niece or cute neighbor girl is or should be, they do not have the final say.

She has the final say.

This week, take all the chances you get to add fuel to her fire:

-You are enough.

-You are capable of handling big, complex issues.

-You chosen by the Creator of the Universe and He finds you all-the-way perfect.

-You deserve respect. You can respect yourself.

-You are a good friend.

-You are very strong.

Do you know a girl who needs encouragement (hint: they ALL need encouragement), but aren’t sure how to share it? Copy & paste this post and tell her, “This reminded me of you because you are ALL these things.”